I don’t know if social media has gotten worse or if I’m just more aware of its short comings now but I’m growing to hate it. Facebook doesn’t show me any of my friends anymore, mostly adverts that know way too much about me and suggestions for groups and pages I “might like”, I could never get the hang of twitter but I know that has plummeted to the depths of hell, instagram is just full of highly edited photos that look barely human and borderline AI now. Tiktok is brain rot, short video after short video numbing the brain with information overload, and full of the biggest generation battles (Mostly Gen Z explaining why they hate Millenials as everyone seems to), then Reddit is full of fake posts and people being needlessly cruel.

I feel like every place is terrible on the internet now and there's not much left to do here that doesn’t involve social media. I used to feel at home on the internet and now I feel lost. I could rewatch flash videos. I could rejoin neopets. But nothing really feels the same.


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